221B Financial Solutions


Who we are.

Millions of Americans are enslaved by their money, it is their master. Their income and expenses dictate how they lives their lives. Imagine with us for a second that the tables were turned, that you were no longer enslaved by your money but your money worked for you. Imagine you were able to live out your values today while protecting your future. Well it can happen, and that is where 221B Financial Solutions can help. 

We bring together bits and pieces of the old-school “grandparents” financial model while also helping you to enjoy your life today. We all want security in the future, but let’s face it; no one wants to wait till retirement to live their best life. Many of us look at our parents and grandparents’ finances and think one of two things:

“They worked hard their whole life and never had the chance to enjoy it, I don’t want to be that way”


“They have a lot of money but never have any fun or help anyone, that won’t be me.”

We don’t want that to be you either. At 221B Financial Solution’s coaching services (either face-to-face or through video conference) are designed to help you turn the tables on your finances, and live out your values today. 

If you are ready to do this, contact us today.



David Evans


Dave grew up the youngest of three brothers in rural South Jersey. His mom worked as a secretary and his dad was the breadwinner as a professional butcher. From a young age, his blue-collar working parents told Dave and his brothers, “Work hard now, or work hard the rest of your life.”

Prior to marrying his wife, Emily, Dave decided to “work hard now” and go to college - racking up a staggering amount of debt in the process. Before getting married, Dave and Emily realized the amount of debt being brought into their marriage could easily cause unneccesary friction and financial stress. They decided to prioritize debt reduction the day after returning from their honeymoon. As they saw their total debt decrease, they began feeling their financial burden lessen. The Evans family is now passionate and dedicated to helping others begin the journey to experience freedom with their finances and make wise decisions with their money.

Dave earned his B.S. in Economics from Liberty University, an MBA from the Overton Graduate School of Business, and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech. Dave and his wife currently reside in the Greater Philadelphia area.


Jeremy Vanderslice


Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Jeremy by no means had a tough childhood. But with two brothers and a high cost of living, every dollar mattered. From a young age, Jeremy learned the value of saving and the chokehold debt can have on a family.

After marrying his wife, Rachel, they decided to change their financial situation. For the first two years of marriage, the Vanderslices cash-flowed Rachel’s grad school while living on the meager salary of a youth pastor - all while staying out of debt (Yes! It’s possible!) Choosing to begin their marriage with total control of their finances, the Vanderslices positioned themselves to live out what they value, and make their money work for them, not against.

Jeremy earned a B.S. from West Chester University and an M.A. from Wesley Seminary. Jeremy and his wife currently reside in the Greater Philadelphia area.