221B Financial Solutions


We help make sense of the complicated stuff.


A good financial coach helps you to analyze and position your finances to meet your goals and values. We help you to wade through all the confusion and numbers to make your money work for you, not against.

At 221B Financial Solutions we custom-tailor our services to your needs to guide your down a path where you can win with your finances. Our coaches specialize in:

  • Helping you understand the relationship between your Money and your Values

  • creating robust budgets tailored to individual values

  • forming a plan for steps to reach your goals

  • Vetting financial institutions to ensure you have people of integrity serving you

  • Create strategies for debt reduction and avoiding future debt

  • Provide accountability with your finances

  • Offer feedback and consultation on financial decisions

  • Help you secure your future while living the life you want now

    Our coaching services are offered in-person (if you live in the Greater Philadelphia region) or via a video call at a time that fits your schedule. We’re here to help you win!

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